Textielgroep Steek Plus bestaat uit een tachtigtal kunstenaars. Door de verschillende achtergronden van de leden is er een grote diversiteit in werk binnen de groep.
De leden van Steek Plus ontmoeten elkaar twee maal per jaar om recent werk te laten zien en te bespreken. Ook worden dan nieuwe technieken uitgewisseld. De opbouwende kritiek en de adviezen die men elkaar geeft, werken inspirerend en stimulerend. Tijdens deze bijeenkomsten worden er regelmatig lezingen gehouden en/of demonstraties gegeven door (gast-)sprekers. Er wordt jaarlijks een thema afgesproken, dat de leden vervolgens op heel eigen manier in hun werk tot uitdrukking brengen.
“Steken” en textiele materialen vormen de basis voor het meeste werk. Daarnaast worden er ook veel andere technieken toegepast en andere materialen gebruikt, zoals (handgeschept) papier, koper, ijzerdraad, nylon, tyvek en polyester vliezen. Om vakkennis op te doen en de persoonlijke ontwikkeling te stimuleren, worden er regelmatig workshops georganiseerd en bezocht.Veel belangstelling gaat uit naar experimenteel werk, met name het opfrissen van oude technieken en het uitproberen van nieuwe techniek- en materiaalcombinaties.

Om de textielkunst onder de aandacht van een ruim publiek te brengen, wordt er door de leden van Steek Plus met regelmaat landelijk geëxposeerd.
Steek Plus onderhoudt nauwe banden met de Stichting Textiel Plus, die het bekendheid geven aan en het bevorderen van textiele vormgeving in Nederland als haar taak ziet.

Textile group 'Steek (stitch) Plus' is made up of about 80 artists. Because of the diverse backgrounds of the members the work within the group is very varied.

The members of Steek Plus meet twice a year to show and discuss recent work and new techniques are exchanged. The constructive criticism and advice we give each other is inspiring and stimulating. Talks and/or demonstrations are often given during these meetings. Every year a theme is agreed on, that the members can interpret in their own way in their work. Stitching and fabric form the basis of most work, but many other techniques and materials are also used. Paper (hand made), copper, wire, nylon, tyvek, and polyester film, are just a few examples. Workshops to increase professional knowledge and stimulate personal development are regularly organized and visited. There is a great deal of interest in experimental work, namely reviving old techniques and trying out new techniques and material combinations.


maandag 9 januari 2017


Van Juliette ontving ik het bijgaande met de vraag het door te geven.

"ZOOM" - If our visual perception is changing ...
Our View is based on the recording and processing of visual stimuli, in recognition of elements and their interpretation by comparison with memory. The selection of relevant information and it's perception takes place through the functions of the eye and brain. During this process of allocation, perception happens: the object is placed in a specific known category. If the recognition of objects shifts through drastic changes such as enlargement, reduction, change of perspective, etc. It is no longer possible to assume what we see is representational, and imagination and fantasy takes over.
By this transformation and change, the association of the viewer has nothing to do with the object.
The participants are called to reflect the theme "Zoom - if our visual perception is changing ..." in their
Creativity, innovative techniques and materials as well as professional design are the criteria for the selection of the works.

Eligibility and Guidelines
The competition is open to all artists residing in Europe.
Each participant may submit up to two works. Please use a separate form for each piece.
The submitted work must meet the basic definition of an art quilt: made of flexible materials, layered and stitched.
The work should measure 90 cm high x 60 cm wide (with 5 % tolerance) and not be older than two years.
Only wall pieces are accepted. Three-dimensional and framed works can unfortunately not be included. The art works should be able to be rolled up for easy transport.

September 2016
Participants may enter up to two works. The submitted work must have been designed and created by the artist. No copies or work made in a workshop. The work will be selected on creativity, innovative materials and techniques and professional craftsmanship by a jury.
Members of the jury are:
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, textile artist, winner of the AQA 2015, Juliette Eckel, textile artist, Dr.Carsten Jöhnk, director of NORDWOLLE Delmenhorst Museum and Wolf Zenker, exhibition management of meetCon- Veranstaltungs-GmbH, Brahmsstraße 12, 38106 Braunschweig.
Entry and Exhibition Fees
The registration form and 2 unedited digital photos (full view and detail on white background) in high resolution (at least 2 MB) as well as a picture of the object which has inspired you for your work is asked be sent via E-mail to at the latest August 31, 2017.
Participants are responsible for the shipping costs to the first exhibition venue. Participants outside the European countries have to also assume the costs for return consignment. For participants of the European countries the organizer will pay for the transport between the venues and for the return shipment. The art work will be insured from the time it is received at the museum and until the return to the artist.
The registration fee for German applicants is 30,- for one quilt and 40,- EUR for two quilts. For other European countries the fee is 40,- for one and 50,- EUR for two quilts. The fee should be transferred to bank account:
Juliette Eckel
Volksbank eG Bremerhaven-Cuxland BIC: GENODEF1BEV IBAN: DE 48292657474849954401 Verwendungszweck: AQA 2017

The application is valid by payment of the registration fee. Participants who have not paid the registration fee until the deadline will not be considered by the jury. The registration fee will not be refunded, even if the work is not accepted. Incomplete entries, or entries submitted after the closing date, will not be considered. The jury reserves the right to disqualify works that deviate from the submitted photos. The registration is only digital. Save your images at a high quality JPEG (No TIFF files), and label each image with the title of the artwork and the name of the artist (ex. Sunset_susansmith,jpeg).
Participants will be informed by the jury’s decision per E-mail by September 9, 2015.
The exhibited quilts may be for sale, in which case the organization will receive 20 % commission. Should a work be sold, the work will first be given to the buyer after the duration of the exhibition. All accepted entries must have a 10 cm finished sleeve, sewn onto the back at the top of the quilt.
Accepted artwork to be RECEIVED till September 22, 2017 by :
Nordwestdeutsches Museum für IndustrieKultur Am Turbinenhaus 10-12, D-27749 Delmenhorst
August 31, 2017 Closing date for submission
September 4, 2017
Jury’s decision
September 22, 2017 Art work to be received by Delmenhorst Museum October 2017 Vernissage at the Museum NORDWOLLE
For further information contact: Quilters-Insel/Mrs. Juliette Eckel per E-Mail
A competition of NORDWOLLE Delmenhorst, meetCon - Veranstaltungs-GmbH, Brahmsstraße 12, 38106 Braunschweig
in cooperation with Quilters-Insel.
Art Quilt Award 2017
Application form Please use a separate form for each work !
Artist’s First Name:___________________________________________________________ _____
Artist’s Last Name:___________________________________________________________ _____
Address (street):__________________________________________________________ _______
Postal Code/City:________________________________________________________ ________
Country:_________________________________________________________ _____________
Phone (include country code):_________________________________________________________
E- Mail:______________________________________@_____________________ __________
Title of the submitted work: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ______________________________
Size: height x width in cm: Height_____________ Width___________________
Materials: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ____________________
Techniques: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ____________________
Artist statement: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ______________________________
The Art Work is for sale O Yes O No Price (inclusive 20 % commission) in EUR: _____________________
I agree with the terms and conditions of the competition. I also agree to permit the images or detail images and/or all of part of my artist statement to be used in the exhibition, articles, ads, promotions, websites, blogs, CDs, current event news for and about the shows at which the exhibit may be shown. After submission the work remains at the NORDWOLLE Delmenhorst Norwestdeutsches Museum für IndustrieKultur up to the end of the project. The participation fee of 30,- / 40,- (only Germany) or 40,- / 50,- EUR (Europe) I transfered on (Date)________________________
Date________________ Signature__________________________________________

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